Sunday, February 3, 2013


Some of my fondest memories growing up is watching sports with someone in my family. Baseball with Grandpa Brooks. Football with Uncle Mike. So when someone tells me that my love for football or baseball is silly, or that "its not life or death" I smile because it is. These 2 men and many more taught me something about passion. They taught me to love what I love. And both of these men have no shame in what they love. Both of these men are/were hardworking men for their families  They taught generations after them not to take the easy road out. They taught ME, that good men exist. That sure they are not perfect, and sometimes I might want to disown the man I someday marry, but that when push comes to shove. It's about one thing. Family. So no, my love for these things are not silly or pointless. And they are life and death, because of these things I learned to live a happy life and create memories with friends and family. My dad even called to see if i was watching "with the family". These moments, will travel with me till my death. So yes, life and death.

Here are my favorite commercials this year! Enjoy!

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