Sunday, November 25, 2012

Darkness Into Light

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I am reminded tonight that just because we are not getting the things we want most right now doesn't mean we wont. Usually there is a reason we don't get it. Like me losing my aid for school, at the time I was so lost on what to do and why this was happening. I felt i needed to work and focus on finding a secure job. Now months later I have that. One that I will keep and take night classes with. One that will help me get other jobs in the future. I love the job also. I would not of had this job nor taken it if I were in school this semester.

The thing i want most in life really is that other person to love. Its not about me being taken care of. Its about being able to love someone like I know i can. Its about bringing life into this world and having a constant reminder of how blessed i am. There is a reason why I haven't found this. I don't know why right now. However, I know its a good reason.

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