Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fairytales And Me

Once upon a time.......

Oh bullcrap! Anyone who is out there thinking that fairytales are real obviously hasn't had a strong dose of their reality pill recently. However, it is a nice feeling thinking your significant other or someone you wish to be is Prince Charming. And maybe, just maybe you are one of them lucky princesses that appear in all Disney movies. I envy you. This is clearly not the case for me, and I'm slowly accepting it.

I'm not speaking of finding my Prince Charming this time. I'm speaking of how it saddens me that people go out of their way to make their life look SOOOO glamours. It is these people that scare me most. What will happen when that glamour turns into the trash can blues? Now don't get me wrong I know there are some people who are blessed with a extra dose of rainbows and butterflies in their life. And power to them for being so positive. Maybe that is my issue. I know my life isn't always going to go how i want it to. I know that more times then not my life is going to stink. But that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and whine about it.

What has hurt me makes me stronger. And I'm pleasently surprised that most of the time my happiness comes from my misfortune. Maybe what annoys me most about these mini Disney princess, is that they were blessed with this ability to be so positive. And daily I learn how to be.

So for all you men and women who are blessed with this attitude or are really good at faking it till you make it. Good job. As for me, I will continue to stay in the reality that my knight in shining armor might just be a loser in tinfoil :) That i don't poop rainbows, and eat sugar coated butterflies. And that life really is something you endure and not something just sprinkled with warm goodness.

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